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Here are a few examples of our work.  Feel free to contact our clients to discuss our performance.

      Some recent clients

South Peninsula Hospital - Homer, Alaska

This facility was already performing about 5 sleep studies a month when Korbrien was contracted to help improve the sleep center's performance.  Registered sleep therapists and new sleep diagnostic systems were brought in to improve patient care.  Combined with minimal marketing, these measures dramatically increased the referring physicians confidence resulting in an average monthly volume in excess of 20 sleep studies per month since contract inception.    


    Anchorage Sleep Center - Anchorge, Alaska

    This is an independent sleep center (IDTF)  start up.  Frustrated with the quality of care from surrounding sleep centers, a group of local investors contracted with Korbrien to provide equipment and staff to jump start their development.  Within the first year, business has grown so well that two additional locations have been added- All equipped and staffed by Korbrien. 

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