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Sleep is as important to our well being as exercise and nutrition- Some might argue that Sleep is central to every system in the human body.  The cardiovascular consequences of poor sleep is now widely recognized among healthcare professionals.   Research is quickly building establishing the extent that sleep impacts the neurological, affective, and immune systems, to name a few.  


Solutions for every community

We offer flexible solutions based upon your experience with ordering sleep studies and the population you serve.  For communities with lower volume, we can package our products with short term contracts to allow you to schedule as few as 4 patients per month.  By using portable equipment, we are able to keep your cost low.  For larger communities we use dedicated equipment and can lower the cost with longer contract terms.

           Contract Types by Volume

    4-6 patients per month
    • Short term contracts available
    • Suited to rural areas
    • Portable equipment
    6-12 patient per month
    • Short or long term contracts 
    • Suited to rural areas
    • Dedicated equipment
    10+ patients per month
    • Longer term contract
    • Suited to rural areas
    • Dedicated equipment

         It's your Sleep Center!

    Korbrien Medical Management, LLC differs from most other providers in that we set up your lab with the intention of each client taking over all operations.  We setup your sleep center and manage it for 3 or 4 years with the understanding that it’s your sleep center - We never market our name to the local community.  We include benchmarks to transition the center into your complete control.  This includes affording you the option to buy out the equipment and even hire our staff.  You get the same low cost – low risk start up as the traditional subcontract, but can easily assume full ownership of your sleep center after the first term.

    Most other contracted providers will lock you into revolving contracts that limit your ability to assume full control of your sleep center after you learn the operation.

         Contact us

              email :  admin@korbrien.com